Anne-Kathrin D. Ende


  • German, English, French
  • Organisation of interpreters teams for English, French, German, Spanish, Arab, Farsi, Italian, Russian. Other languages upon request.

As an interpreter I come across a lot of interesting, high-ranking persons and I am part of many interesting and diverse meetings, negotiations and visits. Confidentiality is therefore a top-priority. That is why I won’t quote any references but give you an overview about my job:


Supervisory board meetings, AGMS, analys calls, banks, Cost calculation, factoring, auditing


Ambassador’s reception, demography, military, defense politics, migration, education, fiscal politics, international politics


Live-surgeries, oncology, gynecology, TCM and naturopathy, ophthalmology, psychiatry, psychology


Power plants, leather, mechanical engineering, insulators, extrusion, mining, trains, traffic, infrastructure, waste management, automotive, company’s visits, software, 3-d-printing, Fraunhofer Institute, environmental technology, foundry, e-mobility


Footbal, hockey, athletics


Interpreting of theatre performances, movies and documentaries, documentation, archeology, history, urban planning, architecture, museum, religion, books, exhibitions

Police, Court and authorities

In addition to the well-known modes of interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous interpreting) new ways emerged to convey your message:

  • telephone interpreting
  • remote interpreting
  • chuchotage
  • simultaneous translation
  • classroom interpreting

If you need more information on these specific areas of interpreting, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In order to ensure a successful conference it is important to include your interpreting team right from the beginning.
Did you you that 2-3 interpreters work in one booth and take turns every 20 minutes?
Did you know about the ISO standards for interpreting booths?

If you require further information on the best mode of interpreting, technical equipment, team size or languages combinations, please do not hestiate to contact me. I am happy to assist you!

We interpreters help people with different languages and coming from different cultures to communicate. The better our working conditions are the better we can ensure a smooth communication. We need your support in order to provide high- quality interpreting.


  • make sure that the interpreting booth is located adequately. The interpreters need to see the speaker, the audience and must be able to read powerpoint-presentations.
  • Provide preparation material for the interpreters in due time. Preparation material include the agenda, the programme, presentations, speeches, abstracts, films, texts, links, etc. The better the interpreter is prepared the better we understand and convey your message.
  • Pass on the informationfor speakers or give us the possibility to contact the speakers directly.


We recommend to include a consultant interpreter right from the beginning. He assist and helps you concerning all questins around interpreting, organises the team(s) and helps you with expert knowledge around all technical questions.

Information for Interpreters

Interpreting requires more than pure knowledge of two languages. The interpreter has to have expert knowledge in the field he is working for. That is why we need some information which help us:

  • information about the event / conference, organiser, company
  • Agenda, Programme, Participant’s list, documents, minutes of former meetings
  • All documents which are available to the participants (draft resolutions, minutes,…)
  • Presentations, films, videos if shown during the conference
  • Documents which will be read out (minutes, contracts, legal texts, etc.)

Please collect the presentations/speeches from the speakers and pass them on to the interpreters in due time. If you are too busy, please allow the interpreters (consultant interpreter) to contact the speakers directly and as for the relevant information.

Visual Aids

If you plan to use a power point presentation or show a video during the conference, please make sure that the booth is located in a way that enables the interpreters to see the screen adequately.

Hints for speakers:

It might be the first time you stand in front of a huge audience delivering a speech or you might be an experienced speaker with only limited experience in working with interpreters. In order to make your self understood clearly by everybody and help us to communicate your message correctly, please allow us to give you some advise

How to speak

Ispeaking freely means you express yourself more clearly and easily avoiduing long and complicated sentences which are difficult to follow. Reading texts (very often too fast) makes it difficult to follow for the audience and the interpreters. Please speak freely at a natural speed. If you have to read out texts, please remember to give the texts to the interpreters so they are prepared. If you plan to use videos, please give them to the interpreters before so they can prepare adequately and thus provide high –quality interpreting.


The interpreters work from a booth and you can only be heard by speaking into the microphone. Please make sure, you use the microphone at all times. If you do not want to stand at the rostrum during your presentation, please use a clip-on microphone.
And please remember: all the sounds from the microphone are transferred directly via headphones to the interpreter’s ears. So, please avoid knocking on the microphone or testing it otherwise, Be assured the technician did a good job and the microphone will work.

Conference material

The better the interpreter is prepared the better he will understand what you say and the better he gets your message across. So please make sure you send presentations, abstracts, speeches, texts, films, movies, etc. in due time to help the interpreters to prepare for the conference. Every material we receive is treated absolutely confidentially!

To provide you with high-quality translations I work together with native-speakers who meet the highest reuirements.

  • translation of certificates
  • translation of scripts and synopsis
  • broad range of technical topics: mechanical engineering, conveyor technology, foundry, automotive, power plants, electrical engineering, environmental engineering
  • business: presentations, audits, balance sheets, financial reports
  • science: chemistry, biology, medicine

Interpreters are paid per day. The price includes preparation time. We also help you finding the right interpreter for your conference oder meeting, we help you putting together the right team for your or organizing interpreting equipment (booth, mobile interpreting devices, etc…).

Prices for police and court interpreting are calculated in accordance with the JVEG (German Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act).